• Car WashCar Wash
  • Home CleaningHome Cleaning
  • DoctorsDoctors
  • Beauty ServicesBeauty Services
  • MassagesMassages
  • TutorsTutors
  • Dog WalkingDog Walking
  • Tow TruckTow Truck
  • PlumbersPlumbers
  • ElectriciansElectricians
  • Baby SittingBaby Sitting
  • Fitness CoachFitness Coach
  • CarpenterCarpenter
  • MaidsMaids
  • Pest ControlPest Control
  • Home PaintingHome Painting
  • Physiotharaphy servicesPhysiotharaphy services
  • CateringCatering
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Deliver All

Don't clutter your phone with a hundred apps for your requirements!  This single app will cater to all your needs.

  • Pick what service you want

      The app is a bank of services. It offers Taxi + Delivery

     + 52 other services for your customers to choose from.

      All they need to do is click on the icon and hire the

       needed service!

  • One Click Hire

     Let your customers hire service personnel with just

     a single click on their apps. Let your customers store

    favorite destinations or regularly needed services so

     that they can get their desired services in just a

     single click.

  • See what's going on

    Get a God's eye view in the application so that you can

    keep a track on how many services are being used by the

    means of your app.Check the heat of services and taxis

    right from the admin panel easily!


Enjoy the liberty to choose your payment method from Cash,Credit Card or Debit Card or even through an in app wallet!

Why We Are The Best

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Enjoy the liberty to choose your payment method from Cash,Credit Card or Debit Card or even through an in app wallet!

  • Multiple Language

    Enjoy experiencing the app in the local language that you want! Whether it is Malay, Indonesian, Thai,English, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Arabic (R2L),Singaporean or any other language of your choice!

  • Multiple Currencies

    Let your customers pay in the local currencies! Choose any currency in the world from USD, Indonesian RupiahVietnamese Dong,Thai Baht, Malaysian Ringit, Euro,Singapore dollar, etc. to cater to your   local customers.

  • One login for all services

    Experience the advantage of a single login for multiple services including Taxi, Delivery, Beautician,Plumber or any of the 52 services in your app!

  • Daily Needs Catered for

    Every daily need can be catered through this app Choose and hire any service professional from Plumber, to electrician, massage therapist, doctor, Vet, dog walker, cook etc. from this single application.

  • Instant Location Tracking

    Get exact details about where your hired professional is live on a map! No need to guestimate how far your hired person is. Trace their location so that you don't have to wait for them!